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Learn How to Close the Security Gap “Insider” and Become GDPR Compliant

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Insider Attacks Matter 

Put Your Hands on Your SAP Downloads Before Others Put theirs on your Intellectual Property

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Learn How to Secure Sensible SAP Data and Intellectual Property against Insider Attacks

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Increased Data Protection

Ignore EU-GDPR if You Conisder 4% of Your Global Revenue as “Peanuts“

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SAP data are at risk! An inconvenient truth!


SAP is an essential hub for sensitive data and intellectual property used in most enterprise business processes. However, as soon data are exported out of SAP boundaries they lose their safety shield. RESULT: Loss of crucial data inevitably causing business damage and potentially heavy penalties due to data protection laws (GDPR). Protection is a MUST.


SAP user authorization either allows export of all data a user has access to or blocks all. RESULT: Either a ‘GRC’ issue or a cumbersome business process that forces organizations to accept process impediments for the sake of security.


Automated audit of all SAP data exports and streams using an automated classification engine to block unauthorized downloads and to protect authorized exports outside of SAP.


Highest degree of process efficiency coupled with total control of data flow assuring the highest level of security and compliance with international data protection laws.

Losing track of invisible SAP data exports?

Critical SAP data exports are lost?

Lose IP protection beyond SAP boundaries?

No insight in SAP backend data flows?

Many security initiatives prevent and restrict data access, but have deficits when data is downloaded.

Joachim Hackmann, Principal Consultant (PAC)

Internal employees are not only the most valuable resource for companies, but also the highest security risk.

Prof. Dieter Kempf (BITKOM)


SECUDE is an established global security solutions provider offering innovative IT data protection for SAP users. Founded as a joint venture between SAP and Fraunhofer Institute in 1996, SECUDE maintained a close SAP technology partnership and became a reliable resource for security solutions for the SAP market with “Single Sign-On for SAP”, which was acquired by SAP in 2011. With a focus on making business process for data protection efficient and automated with little or no user interference, SECUDE’s goal is to provide ease of use while minimizing cost of rollout and operations.

SECUDE solutions are trusted by many Fortune 500 and DAX listed companies. With branches in Europe, North America and Asia, SECUDE supports customers with the implementation of IT security strategies through a global network.