Application case – Finance

Financial reports without risk of data misuse.

SAP Finance allows companies to manage a range of confidential and sensitive information that would have a significantly negative impact on any company if it were to fall into the wrong hands. Data theft in financial institutions has made many headlines in recent years demonstrating, in no uncertain terms, that data theft is not an abstract risk, but real threat.

It has also drawn attention to internal handling of sensitive data. Who can use what data, whether it can be exported or not – companies must control all of these effectively. Companies must ensure that confidential financial and customer data is protected at all times and at all stages, no matter where it is stored or in use.

SECUDE helps to control the use of sensitive data, such as SAP Finance, without compromising work processes. Bring companywide awareness to governance, risk, and compliance issues and regulations that need to be addressed in day-to-day activities. Monitor all employee activity regarding sensitive data downloaded from SAP.

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